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Guide to Property and Personal Care

This Guide was developed by a panel of legal experts to provide a simplified and single source of information about substitute decision-making and related issues as they pertain to adults with a developmental disability.  The Guide includes contact information for a number of organizations and publications that provide more detailed information.

Click here for the Guide to Property and Personal Care

Access to Seniors Community Programs - Selections From the Guide

A selection of material from the Access Guide that is geared to self-advocates; it may be used independently or with a caregiver to provide support; since the original guide is in CD ROM format, the links etc. noted in this pdf file will not allow access to the Internet; the complete guide, with live links and material geared specifically to caregivers and staff within the developmental services system and seniors community programs is available in CD ROM format from the OPADD project office at a cost of $12.00 to cover publishing and distribution costs.

Click here for the Access Guide Selections

Aging with a Developmental Disability: Transition Guide for Caregivers

The Guide was developed to assist paid and unpaid caregivers with transition planning to older adulthood for people with a developmental disability.

Click here for the Transition Guide

Building the Partnership: Guide to Planning Your Cross Sector Workshop

This guide is a compilation of what has been learned from organizing cross sector workshops.  It provides guidance on core workshop strategies, tips on break-even analysis and budget preparation, a sample workshop evaluation form and much more.

Click here for the Guide to Planning Your Cross Sector Workshop

Aging Just Like Everyone Else: A Handbook For Families and Caregivers

This guide. prepared by the Huron Trillium Partnership, provides information about transition planning, aging, developmental disabilities, finances and local contacts within Huron County.

Click here for Aging Just Like Everyone Else

New Challenges: A Handbook for Managers and Planners

This guide. prepared by the Huron Trillium Partnership, provides a history of the partnership, principles for transition planning, a discussion of policy and cross sector planning issues, a template for a transition planning policy and local contact information.

Click here for New Challenges



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