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The training/education programs and resources described here, include those that address aging and developmental disabilities either as the main focus or as an important part of an overall training/education program.

The 3D’s – Delirium, Depression and Dementia (information/training resources)

The Toronto Best Practice Implementation Steering Committee has developed information on Delirium, Depression and Dementia. To view each of these click on:

  1. Comparison Chart (Recognizing Delirium, Depression and Dementia)
  2. Assessment Guide
  3. Resource Guide

Aging, Developmental Disabilities and Mental Health Videoconference Series Sponsored by Providence Care and Community Networks of Specialized Care as a next step following the Southeastern Committee Workshop on Aging and Developmental Disabilities


This series is available via the Ontario Tele health Network and at several sites in the southeast. Click here for the brochure.

Vita Community Living - Essential Aspects of Dual Diagnosis

Three part training module for staff working in Long Term Care Facility to better support aging individuals with Developmental Disability and mental health issues.  Click here

Walk in My Shoes - Cross Sector Staff Exchanges

This cross sector training project, developed by the Toronto Regional Committee on Aging and Developmental Disabilities (TPADD), provides orientation experiences for staff in one sector who want to learn about the other service sector.  TPADD describes it as “an important new opportunity to build bridges and bridge gaps in support of older adults with a developmental disability.”

The program is made available from time to time to all long term care and developmental service agencies in Toronto.  There is no cost to register and agencies are matched to allow them to arrange staff exchange visits at mutually convenient times. 

More information:

Cindy Stephens (416) 392-9520

Colin Hamilton: (416) 469-4109









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