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The planning processes described here pertain to the cross sector planning and coordination of support to older adults with a developmental disability.

WIngham Community Living In-House Specialist on Aging and Developmental Disabilities

This service provider identified a staff position to become knowedgeable in aging and developmental disabilities as well as familiar with the LTC sector.  The position acts as a point for liaison with the LTC sector as well as gathering information and disseminating it to staff across the agency as required. For more information contact Connie Dawson (519) 357-3562.

Peel Long Term Care Residential Services Advisory Committee (Planning Support for Moving to a Long Term Care Home)

A cross sector initiative that developed a model for providing transition planning support to older adults with a developmental disability who are moving to a long term care home.  The model includes funding by the Ministry of Community and Social Services for developmental services staffing support within the long term care home.  One central criterion for the move to a long term care home was that the individual’s quality of life had to be improved by the change. 

For a project description click on Peel Long Term Care Residential Services Partnership

To view a Power Point click on Peel LTC Residential Services Committee Presentation

To view the District Health Council study that examined the potential for use of long term care Local Opportunities for LTC Facility Capacity

Weington Developmental Services Planning Group: Committee For Seniors With Developmental Disabilities (planning for cross sector capacity)

The developmental services planning group formed to explore the phenomenon of an aging population with developmental disabilities and the pressures this was placing on the service system.  A study corroborated the existing fragmentation of the system and made several recommendations to build cross sector partnerships.  The Committee for Seniors with Developmental Disabilities was formed in 2007. For more information click on Wellington Developmental Services Planning Group.









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