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Family Caregivers

Canadian Caregiver Coalition (CCC)
A bilingual alliance composed of individuals, groups, and organizations. The mission is to come together with a unified voice, to influence policy, and to promote awareness and action to address the needs of caregivers of all ages across Canada.

Click into Care Givers
The site is sponsored by the Don Mills Foundation For Senior Citizens Inc.; includes access to discussion groups on issues of interest to caregivers

Families for a Secure Future

Committed to reaching out to and supporting individuals with developmental disabilities by establishing a network of local family groups across Ontario.

Families Matter Co-operative Inc.

An on-line Resource Centre, who connect people with developmental disabilities, their families and friends to:  each other, up-to-date information, comprehensive lists of resources.

Ontario Association of Community Care Access Centres (CCACs)
Your local CCAC coordinates access to homecare and other services. The provincial association web site provides links to the CCAC in your region. Local sites provide information on how to access services.

The Ties That Bind Aging Families
This article explores the changing nature of aging families; includes interesting data about the older adult population across Canada.

The Caregiver Network Inc.
A Canadian resource to help caregivers of the elderly and ill; includes links to a variety of resources of interest to caregivers


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