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The Co-Chair Model

OPADD is a partnership forged between the developmental and long term care service systems. Each sector holds part of the answer to the question of how to support quality of life for older adults with a developmental disability. OPADD has learned that the combined knowledge and experience of the two partners contributes to more powerful solutions.

OPADD task groups and committees are formed with representation from both sectors and co-chaired by a representative from each of long term care and developmental services.  This model contributes to innovative ideas and models built on the strengths of the partners. 

The Co-Chairs themselves vouch for the model when asked:

“The co-chair model is the ingredient to success for the committee to sustain and move forward  towards the vision….to support the workload…and to build on each others strengths.  It enables the committee to consistently motivate the membership and keep on track…we give energy to each other.  I couldn't do it without my co-chair.”

Terry Lowey , Co-Chair, Northeast Regional Committee on Aging and Developmental Disabilities


“We are all busy people with other jobs so sharing is the way to go. We each bring different attributes to the position and when one is struggling the other can take over. Having someone to bounce things off of is invaluable. I would never have accepted the position unless it was shared. We make sure that at least one of us is present at meetings to keep the momentum and group viable. “

Cindy Stephens, Co-Chair, Toronto Regional Committee on Aging and Developmental Disabilities

“Creates credibility for the sector each of us represents…Builds a direct bridge enabling us to share developments and issues from the other sector and encourage involvement of our sector in regional projects and planning…Also enables joint submissions to policy makers for both sectors and helps bring the two ministries together…Helps to educate each sector on the other sectors nuances, uniqueness and issues and limitations.”

Margaret Ringland, Co-Chair, Ontario Partnership on Aging and Developmental Disabilities


“It brings different perspectives to the table…It sets an example for working together.”

Sandy Keshen, Co-Chair, Ontario Partnership on Aging and Developmental Disabilities


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