History Vision, Values and Mission Goals and Objectives
Participants Achievements Presentation by OPADD Co-Chairs
Presentations A Vision for the Future Working With Policy Makers
FAQ The Co-Chair Model  

  • Development of eight Regional Committees on Aging and Developmental Disabilities.
  • Funding and planning support to regional workshops across Ontario.
  • Consultation and support to local cross sector projects.
  • Consultation with government on emerging issues related to aging and developmental disabilities:
    • Transition planning.
    • Cross sector training.
    • Access to services for seniors.
    • Facilities closures.
    • Local Health Integration Networks.
    • Best practices.
  • Development of a train the trainer model for delivery of the U-First! training curriculum to cross sector audiences of long term care and developmental services caregivers.
  • Publication and distribution of resources for planners and caregivers:
    • Aging with a Developmental Disability - Transition Guide for Caregivers.
    • Guide on Accessing Seniors Community Programs.
    • Guide on Advance Care Planning and Financial Issues.
    • OPADD Model of Best Practices in Transition Planning.
    • The OPADD Letter (quarterly electronic newsletter)
    • The OPADD Update (monthly news to OPADD partners)
  • Publication of studies and discussion documents:
    • Building a Future Where Aging is OK - Report of the OPADD Transition Study.
    • Engaging the New Healthcare Planning Paradigm – OPADD and LHINs.
    • Taking the Next Steps - An analysis of the symposium and workshops 1999 - 2001
  • Support to knowledge dissemination on aging and developmental disabilities:
    • OPADD website and discussion centre.
    • Consultation with educators on curriculum adaptation to include aging and developmental disabilities.
    • OPADD quarterly meetings.
    • Linking practitioners and researchers.


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