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Regional Development

The partnership believes that solutions to the challenge of supporting older adults with a developmental disability must be found at the local level.  The ADD Trillium Project, funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation, provides support to the development of regional workshops and committees. 

Each region is in a position to develop and support local initiatives through cross sector regional dialogue and processes.

OPADD Regional co-chairs are included as standing members at the provincial OPADD table to support communication and planning capacity within and across regions as well as at the provincial level. 

Contributions the regions make to the work of the partnership:

  • An ongoing process for face to face cross sector dialogue and planning
  • Support and guidance to local projects
  • Cross sector workshops on aging a developmental disabilities
  • Information to the provincial table on local and regional issues that may have provincial implications
  • Communication with government Ministries, planning bodies and other sectors at the regional level
  • News about regional initiatives
  • Presentations to provincial conferences and to workshops in other regions.

Resources the project provides to the regions and its members:

  • Updates and the OPADD newsletter
  • Reports
  • Planning Documents
  • Guides on specific topics related to aging and developmental disabilities and cross sector collaboration
  • Access to post regional and local information to the OPADD website
  • News about provincial initiatives
  • Presentations at regional meetings and workshops.


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