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Ensuring quality of life for older adults with a developmental disability is a new challenge facing the developmental service and long term care systems.  There is no body of knowledge or experience on which to draw since this is the first generation of people with a developmental disability to live into old age. 

The Ontario Partnership on Aging and Developmental Disabilities believes that we must maintain traditional values of inclusion and individualized planning while supporting people to enjoy quality of life as they age.  The partnership is pooling the knowledge and values of the long term care and developmental services sectors to create new knowledge and explore possibilities for a service system that adapts to the needs of the individual as he/she ages.

Defining this collaborative approach to support requires testing new models.  These new approaches will stretch the boundaries of existing legislation and government regulation.  Consequently, new policy will be required at the organizational and provincial levels to enable this innovation.

The ADD Trillium Project supports the testing of new models and the development of enabling policy.  Descriptions of a range of new models and enabling policy ideas can be found by clicking on the Projects/Models Button at the top of the OPADD website.


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